I have a growing collection of antique 19th century garments, accessories and books. These pieces are reference for understanding historical style, materials, construction, and context. A few favourite pieces are shown below.

Tailoring Books

I have focused my collecting on acquiring original tailoring guides from 19th and early 20th centuries as they form my greatest reference for research and learning.

These guides serve a crucial role in the research and creation of historic garments, giving information on pattern making, garment construction, fashion and the working conditions and methods used by tailors of the period.

Below are a number of original tailoring guides from my collection.

I have also digitized a few of these books and made them available on my Etsy shop John Williamson Repros.

Books by T.H. Holding

Books Published by The JohnWilliamson Co. Ltd (Tailor & Cutter)

Periodicals Published by The JohnWilliamson Co. Ltd  (Tailor & Cutter)

"Work" Handbooks, Edited by Paul N. Hasluck

West End System of Cutting, By the editing committie of the West End Gazette

Misc Books

At this link you can have a look at one of my books that has been uploaded to the Internet Archive:

A Beginners First Course In Cutting Part I and II CPG


At this link you can see one of the magazines that I have digitized and cleaned up:

The Ladies Tailor April 1, 1894


One of the first tailoring book I ever got my hands on, If only a photo copy.

The Tailor and Cutter Academy System of Cutting all kinds of Tailor-Made Garments



Find digitized copies of some of my collection on Etsy.

Buying books

If you happen to have any of this sort of tailoring reference material for sale, such as books magazines, etc.,  I am actively collecting and would be happy to hear from you through my contact page.

The Cutters Practical Guide, Tailor & Cutter, Ministers Gazette Of Fashion, West End Gazette, W.D.V. Vincent, T.H. Holding and many others, are all titles and authors that I look for, not to mention anything published by the  John Williamson Co Ltd.