Tailor and Cutter Academy System of Cutting

The Tailor and Cutter Academy System of Cutting all kinds of Tailor-Made Garments.

By W.D.F. Vincent


As I recall this was one of if not the first tailoring book I ever got my hands on, If only a photo copy,  It was very important for my learning and feeding my interest in tailoring.

Systems of Cutting PART 1


Here I have scanned and made the book available in five parts to help to who may be just starting there tailoring journey or those already accomplished tailors who may be in search off some good historical patterns.

Sorry for the low quality, however keep in mind I scanned this from a photocopy of a photocopy.

Enjoy, and if you make any of the garment from these books I'd love to see!


Systems of Cutting PART 1

Trousers, Breeches, Vests and Caps. 1910.

Systems of Cutting PART 2

All Kinds of Jackets and Body Coats. 1912

Systems of Cutting PART 3

All Kinds of Uniforms, Livery, Military, Naval, Etc. 1912.

Systems of Cutting PART 4

All Kinds of Ladies Tailor Made Garments, 1910

Systems of Cutting PART 5

All Kinds of Overcoats, ca 1912

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