Measurement Forms

Here I give two measurement forms for anyone who may wish to use them recreating historical menswear. I have edited and cleaned up both forms to make them beter for printing.

The first is from my personal collection and was published in Tailor and Cutter for use with the CPG System (Cutters Practical Guide) Though dated July 6, 1922 it would still work with the earlier editions of the CPG back to the 1890s as the measurements used are all the same, though being a self measurement form the sholder measures have bean omited.

Measurment Form copy

The second is a breeches measure chart, for both ladies' and gent's as it states, though the breeches illustrated are clearly mens the measurement for both would be the same.

I don't know where or when this chart is from, I would guess ca 1910.

The measurements listed in this chart would work with almost any breeches system as most use/share the same basic measures.

OldMeasureChart JPEG

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